Ant Treatment

Ant Treatment

Homeowners can treat infestations on their own in many situations. Fire ant mounds around the yard of a home are dangerous for people and pets. Broadcasting fire ant killer granules over the entire lawn with a fertilizer applicator will eliminate the pests for the entire season.

The homeowner can treat minor infestations inside a house. Bait traps and sprays will work to stop simple infestations. These products are available everywhere. When the problem becomes serious, homeowners have no other options but to call an exterminating company.

Getting Prepared For Ant TReatment

Always follow all instructions a pest control service explains to you before their scheduled visit. Their helpful advice will reduce the chances of an infestation occurring again after treatment.

Clean the home of all food sources the ants are moving towards. Vacuum, sweep and mop all areas where ants are visible. Keep any trash out of those areas. Make sure food sources inside the pantry and tabletops are well sealed. Be sure to show the exterminator all areas inside the house where the ants have been the problem.

The exterminator will be able to identify what kind of ant infestation is occurring. They can figure out what caused it and what treatment is necessary to remove the problem. The ants should begin to disappear after the treatment is completed.