Spider Control

A spider does have its place in the world. Most people will agree that a jumping and running spider in a home is a pest and a menace. The spider is not considered to be an insect. The common spider is a arachnid. A spider enjoys eating other insects and they are glad to feast in a home uninvited. A spider may eat the bugs in a house, however, most people will not use the spider as a pesticide. If you want your home cleared of spiders, you will need to remove their source of food. It is important to know your pest and then you can evict them for your home once and for all.

Effective Spider Control Tips

Spider prevention is possible in a home. Spider control may be needed in some areas. It ought to be noted; perfection and spider control do not always happen. Some spiders carry poison and pose threats to safety. The pest control experts have tools, information and the right equipment to control spiders. Some household use the over-the-counter spays to manage their pests. Sticky traps have worked for some. Some pesticide sprays will eliminate the problem. Most spiders are loners and are not social. They don’t gather in groups. This predator prefers to operate on their own terms and are not prone to sharing their food with others. Contact a reliable exterminator today.

Acanthepeira stellata (Araneidae) – Starbellied orbweaver
Acanthoscurria geniculata (Theraphosidae) – Brazilian whiteknee tarantula, whitebanded tarantula
Agelenopsis spp. (Agelenidae) – American grass spiders
Antrodiaetus riversi (Antrodiaetidae) – Turret spider
Aphonopelma anax (Theraphosidae) – Texas tan tarantula
Aphonopelma chalcodes (Theraphosidae) – Desert blond tarantula
Aphonopelma eutylenum (Theraphosidae) – California ebony tarantula
Aphonopelma hentzi (Theraphosidae) – Texas brown tarantula
Aphonopelma moderatum (Theraphosidae) – Rio Grande gold tarantula
Aphonopelma seemanni (Theraphosidae) – Costa Rican zebra tarantula
Araneus spp. (Araneidae) – Angulate orbweavers, roundshouldered orbweavers
Araneus cavaticus (Araneidae) – Barn spider, barn orbweaver
Araneus diadematus (Araneidae) – European garden spider, cross orbweaver, cross spider
Araneus marmoreus (Araneidae) – Marbled orbweaver
Araneus thaddeus (Araneidae) – Lattice orbweaver
Araneus trifolium (Araneidae) – Shamrock orbweaver
Araniella displicata (Araneidae) – Sixspotted orbweaver
Argiope spp. (Araneidae) – Garden orbweavers
Argiope argentata (Araneidae) – Silver garden spider
Argiope aurantia (Araneidae) – Yellow garden spider
Argiope florida (Araneidae) – Florida garden spider
Argiope trifasciata (Araneidae) – Banded garden spider
Argyrodes spp. (Theridiidae) – Dewdrop spiders
Argyroneta aquatica (Cybaeidae) – Diving bell spider, European water spider
Atrax robustus (Hexathelidae) – Sydney funnelweb spider, Australasian funnel-web spider
Avicularia avicularia (Theraphosidae) – Pinktoe tarantula
Avicularia juruensis (Theraphosidae) – Peruvian pinktoe tarantula
Avicularia metallica (Theraphosidae) – Whitetoe tarantula, Metallic Pink Toe
Avicularia purpurea (Theraphosidae) – Ecuadorian purple tarantula
Bassaniana spp. (Thomisidae) – Bark crab spiders
Bothriocyrtum californicum (Halonoproctidae) – California trapdoor spider
Brachypelma albopilosum (Theraphosidae) – Curlyhair tarantula
Brachypelma angustum (Theraphosidae) – Costa Rican red tarantula
Brachypelma auratum (Theraphosidae) – Mexican flameknee tarantula
Brachypelma baumgarteni (Theraphosidae) – Mexican orangebeauty tarantula
Brachypelma boehmei (Theraphosidae) – Mexican fireleg tarantula
Brachypelma emilia (Theraphosidae) – Mexican redleg tarantula
Brachypelma epicureanum (Theraphosidae) – Yucatan rustrump tarantula
Brachypelma klaasi (Theraphosidae) – Mexican pink tarantula
Brachypelma smithi (Theraphosidae) – Mexican redknee tarantula
Brachypelma vagans (Theraphosidae) – Mexican redrump tarantula
Caribena versicolor (Theraphosidae) – Antilles pinktoe tarantula, Martinique Pink Toe
Castianeira cingulata (Corinnidae) – Twobanded antmimic
Castianeira descripta (Corinnidae) – Redspotted antmimic
Castianeira gertschi (Corinnidae) – Gertsch antmimic
Ceratogyrus brachycephalus (Theraphosidae) – Greaterhorned tarantula
Ceratogyrus darlingi (Theraphosidae) – Curvedhorn tarantula
Ceratogyrus marshalli (Theraphosidae) – Straighthorned tarantula
Cheiracanthium spp. (Eutichuridae) – Longlegged sac spiders
Cheiracanthium inclusum (Eutichuridae) – Yellow sac spider, agrarian sac spider
Chilobrachys andersoni (Theraphosidae) – Burmese mustard tarantula
Chilobrachys sericeus (Theraphosidae) – Asian mustard tarantula
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Theraphosidae) – Greenbottle blue tarantula
Cicurina baronia (Dictynidae) – Robber Baron Cave meshweaver
Cicurina madla (Dictynidae) – Madla Cave meshweaver
Cicurina veni (Dictynidae) – Braken Bat Cave meshweaver
Cicurina vespera (Dictynidae) – Government Canyon Bat Cave meshweaver
Cicurina wartoni (Dictynidae) – Warton meshweaver
Clubiona spp. (Clubionidae) – Leafcurling sac spiders
Clubiona kastoni (Clubionidae) – Kaston sac spider
Crassicrus lamanai (Theraphosidae) – Cinnamon tarantula
Ctenus captiosus (Ctenidae) – Florida false wolf spider
Cyclosa spp. (Araneidae) – Trashline orbweavers
Cyriopagopus lividus (Theraphosidae) – Cobalt blue tarantula
Cyriopagopus minax (Theraphosidae) – Thailand black tarantula
Cyriopagopus paganus (Theraphosidae) – Asian chevron tarantula
Cyrtophora spp. (Araneidae) – Tentweb weavers
Cyrtophora citricola (Araneidae) – Global tentweb weaver
Davus pentaloris (Theraphosidae) – Costa Rican tigerrump tarantula
Dolomedes triton (Pisauridae) – Six-spotted fishing spider
Enoplognatha marmorata (Theridiidae) – Marbled cobweb spider
Ephebopus murinus (Theraphosidae) – Skeleton tarantula
Eratigena agrestis (Agelenidae) – Hobo spider
Eratigena duellica (Agelenidae) – Giant house spider
Eris militaris (Salticidae) – Bronze jumper
Eucratoscelus longiceps (Theraphosidae) – African redrump tarantula
Eupalaestrus campestratus (Theraphosidae) – Pink Zebra Beauty
Eupalaestrus weijenberghi (Theraphosidae) – Whitecollared tarantula
Eustala anastera (Araneidae) – Humpbacked orbweaver
Frontinella communis (Linyphiidae) – Bowl and doily weaver or Bowl and doily spider
Gasteracantha cancriformis (Araneidae) – Spinybacked orbweaver
Geolycosa spp. (Lycosidae) – Burrowing wolf spiders
Grammostola alticeps (Theraphosidae) – Brazilian graysmoke tarantula
Grammostola burzaquensis (Theraphosidae) – Argentine rose tarantula
Grammostola grossa (Theraphosidae) – Pampas tawnyred tarantula
Grammostola iheringi (Theraphosidae) – Entre Rios tarantula
Grammostola pulchra (Theraphosidae) – Brazilian black tarantula
Grammostola pulchripes (Theraphosidae) – Chaco Golden knee
Grammostola rosea (Theraphosidae) – Chilean rose tarantula
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus (Gnaphosidae) – Parson spider
Heteropoda venatoria (Sparassidae) – Huntsman spider
Heteroscodra maculata (Theraphosidae) – Togo starburst tarantula
Hibana gracilis (Anyphaenidae) – Garden ghost spider
Holocnemus pluchei (Pholcidae) – Marbled cellar spider
Hololena curta (Agelenidae) – Corner funnel weaver
Hyptiotes cavatus (Uloboridae) – Triangle weaver
Hysterocrates crassipes (Theraphosidae) – Cameroon brown tarantula
Hysterocrates gigas (Theraphosidae) – Cameroon red tarantula
Hysterocrates laticeps (Theraphosidae) – Nigerian rustred tarantula
Iridopelma zorodes (Theraphosidae) – Brazilian purple tarantula
Kukulcania hibernalis (Filistatidae) – Southern house spider
Larinioides cornutus (Araneidae) – Furrow orbweaver
Larinioides sclopetarius (Araneidae) – Bridge orbweaver
Lasiodora parahybana (Theraphosidae) – Brazilian salmon tarantula
Lasiodorides striatus (Theraphosidae) – Stripeleg tarantula
Latrodectus spp. (Theridiidae) – Widow spiders
Latrodectus bishopi (Theridiidae) – Red widow
Latrodectus geometricus (Theridiidae) – Brown widow
Latrodectus hesperus (Theridiidae) – Western black widow
Latrodectus mactans (Theridiidae) – Southern black widow
Latrodectus variolus (Theridiidae) – Northern black widow
Leucauge venusta (Tetragnathidae) – Orchard orbweaver
Loxosceles spp. (Sicariidae) – Recluse spiders
Loxosceles apache (Sicariidae) – Apache recluse
Loxosceles arizonic (Sicariidae) – Arizona recluse
Loxosceles bland (Sicariidae) – Big Bend recluse
Loxosceles deserta (Sicariidae) – Desert recluse
Loxosceles devia (Sicariidae) – Texas recluse
Loxosceles kaiba (Sicariidae) – Grand Canyon recluse
Loxosceles laeta (Sicariidae) – Chilean recluse
Loxosceles martha (Sicariidae) – Martha recluse
Loxosceles palma (Sicariidae) – Baja recluse
Loxosceles reclusa (Sicariidae) – Brown recluse
Loxosceles rufescens (Sicariidae) – Mediterranean recluse spider
Loxosceles russelli (Sicariidae) – Russell recluse
Loxosceles sabina (Sicariidae) – Tucson recluse
Lyssomanes spp. (Salticidae) – Translucent green jumpers
Lyssomanes viridis (Salticidae) – Magnolia green jumper
Maevia inclemens (Salticidae) – Dimorphic jumper
Mangora gibberosa (Araneidae) – Lined orbweaver
Mangora maculata (Araneidae) – Greenlegged orbweaver
Mangora placida (Araneidae) – Tuftlegged orbweaver
Marpissa pikei (Salticidae) – Pike slender jumper
Mastophora spp. (Araneidae) – Bolas spiders
Mecynogea lemniscata (Araneidae) – Basilica orbweaver
Megaphobema mesomelas (Theraphosidae) – Costa Rican redleg tarantula
Megaphobema robustum (Theraphosidae) – Colombian giant tarantula
Megaphobema velvetosoma (Theraphosidae) – Ecuadorian brownvelvet tarantula
Menemerus bivittatus (Salticidae) – Gray wall jumper
Meta menardi (Tetragnathidae) – European cave spider
Metepeira labyrinthea (Araneidae) – Labyrinth orbweaver
Metriopelma zebratum (Theraphosidae) – Costa Rican suntiger tarantula
Micrathena gracilis (Araneidae) – Spined Micrathena
Micrathena mitrata (Araneidae) – White micrathena
Micrathena sagittata (Araneidae) – Arrowshaped micrathena
Misumena spp. (Thomisidae) – Flower crab spider
Misumena vatia (Thomisidae) – Goldenrod crab spider
Misumenoides formosipes (Thomisidae) – Whitebanded crab spider
Misumenops asperatus (Thomisidae) – Northern crab spider
Misumenops celer (Thomisidae) – Celer crab spider
Neoholothele incei (Theraphosidae) – Trinidad olive tarantula
Neoleptoneta microps (Leptonetidae) – Government Canyon bat cave spider
Neoscona spp. (Araneidae) – Spotted orbweavers
Neoscona arabesca (Araneidae) – Arabesque orbweaver
Neoscona oaxacensis (Araneidae) – Western spotted orbweaver
Nephila clavipes (Araneidae) – Golden silk orb-weaver
Neriene radiata (Linyphiidae) – Filmy dome spider
Nhandu colloratvillosum (Theraphosidae) – Brazilian black and white tarantula
Olios fasciculatu (Sparassidae) – Golden huntsman spider
Ornithoctonus andersoni (Theraphosidae) – Asian mahogany tarantula
Oxyopes salticu (Oxyopidae) – Striped lynx spider
Oxyopes scalaris (Oxyopidae) – Western lynx spider
Ozyptila spp. (Thomisidae) – Leaflitter crab spiders
Pachygnatha spp. (Tetragnathidae) – Thickjawed orbweavers
Pamphobeteus antinous (Theraphosidae) – Bolivian blueleg tarantula
Pamphobeteus fortis (Theraphosidae) – Colombian brown tarantula
Pamphobeteus insignis (Theraphosidae) – Colombian purplebloom tarantula
Pamphobeteus nigricolor (Theraphosidae) – Common bluebloom tarantula
Pamphobeteus ornatus (Theraphosidae) – Colombian pinkbloom tarantula
Pamphobeteus vespertinus (Theraphosidae) – Redbloom tarantula
Parasteatoda tepidariorum (Theridiidae) – Common house spider
Pardosa spp. (Lycosidae) – Thinlegged wolf spiders
Peckhamia picata (Salticidae) – Antmimic jumper
Pelegrina galathea (Salticidae) – Peppered jumper
Pelinobius muticus (Theraphosidae) – King baboon tarantula
Peucetia viridans (Oxyopidae) – Green lynx spider
Phantyna segregata (Dictynidae) – Apex mesh weaver
Phidippus audax (Salticidae) – Bold jumper
Phidippus cardinalis (Salticidae) – Cardinal jumper
Phidippus johnsoni (Salticidae) – Johnson jumper
Phidippus regius (Salticidae) – Regal jumper
Pholcus phalangioides (Pholcidae) – Longbodied cellar spider
Phormictopus cancerides (Theraphosidae) – Haitian brown tarantula
Pirata spp. (Lycosidae) – Pirate wolf spiders
Pisaurina mira (Pisauridae) – Nursery web spider
Pityohyphantes costatus (Linyphiidae) – Hammock spider
Plexippus paykulli (Salticidae) – Pantropical jumper
Poecilotheria fasciata (Theraphosidae) – Sri Lankan ornamental tarantula
Poecilotheria formosa (Theraphosidae) – Salem ornamental tarantula
Poecilotheria ornata (Theraphosidae) – Fringed ornamental tarantula
Poecilotheria regalis (Theraphosidae) – Indian ornamental tarantula
Poecilotheria rufilata (Theraphosidae) – Redslate ornamental tarantula
Poecilotheria subfusca (Theraphosidae) – Ivory ornamental tarantula
Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Theraphosidae) – Trinidad chevron tarantula
Psalmopoeus irminia (Theraphosidae) – Venezuelan suntiger, suntiger tarantula
Psalmopoeus reduncus (Theraphosidae) – Costa Rican orangemouth tarantula
Pterinochilus murinus (Theraphosidae) – Usambara babook tarantula, Mumbasa baboon tarantula
Salticus scenicus (Salticidae) – Zebra spider, zebra jumper
Selenocosmia javanensis (Theraphosidae) – Javan yellowknee tarantula
Selenocosmia lanipes (Theraphosidae) – New Guinea brown tarantula
Sicarius spp. (Sicariidae) – Sand recluse spiders
Singa spp. (Araneidae) – Striped orbweavers
Spermophora senoculata (Pholcidae) – Short-bodied cellar spider
Steatoda americana (Theridiidae) – Twospotted cobweb spider
Steatoda grossa (Theridiidae) – False black widow
Stromatopelma calceatum (Theraphosidae) – Featherleg tarantula
Tapinauchenius gigas (Theraphosidae) – Orange chevron tarantula
Tapinauchenius plumipes (Theraphosidae) – Trinidad mahogany tarantula
Tayshaneta myopica (Leptonetidae) – Tooth cave spider
Tegenaria domestica (Agelenidae) – Domestic house spider, barn funnel weaver
Tetragnatha spp. (Tetragnathidae) – Longjawed orbweavers
Tetragnatha laboriosa (Tetragnathidae) – Silver longjawed orbweaver
Theraphosa apophysis (Theraphosidae) – Goliath pinkfoot tarantula
Theraphosa blondi (Theraphosidae) – Goliath birdeater tarantula
Tibellus spp. (Philodromidae) – Slender crab spiders
Uloborus glomosus (Uloboridae) – Featherlegged orbweaver
Xenesthis immanis (Theraphosidae) – Columbian lesserblack tarantula
Xysticus spp. (Thomisidae) – Ground crab spiders
Xysticus elegans (Thomisidae) – Elegant crab spider
Xysticus triguttatus (Thomisidae) – Threebanded crab spider
Zygoballus rufipes (Salticidae) – Hammerjawed jumper