Mosquito Control

Tired of hearing bugs buzzing by your ear at night? You might have a mosquito problem. You are not alone. These tiny insects, most known for the itchy bites they leave behind, live all over the world. Keeping these pests out of your home is essential because mosquitoes carry a variety of diseases such as eastern equine encephalitis and the Zika virus. Fortunately, some common household items act as effective mosquito repellents. Mosquito control in your area is available. We are a professional exterminator service who can help you with mosquitos today.

Any mosquito can carry infectious diseases. The exact risks vary depending on geography. Eastern equine encephalitis, an often-fatal illness that causes brain swelling, has become a recent concern in the East Coast of the United States. In Central and South America, pregnant women must take caution against the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects. Because these illnesses can have deadly consequences, mosquito control is a critical public health issue.

There are simple ways to take care of a mosquito problem at home. Citrus is one example of a natural mosquito repellent. Burning a citronella candle or slicing a lemon and stuffing it with cloves may keep mosquitoes at bay. If you have cats, you may also have catnip. The leaves of the catnip plant contain oils shown to repel mosquitoes.

Here are some fun facts about mosquitos that you might not have known!