Beetles, just like a lot of other insect pest, are something that homeowners tend to have to deal with quite often. When it comes to these pest most people end up picking up their phones and calling their local exterminator, but honestly that could end up being the most expensive route to take. Since there are so many different kinds of beetles, once you treat one kind then you have to deal with a totally new kind of beetle that probably will not be fazed by the treatment that you had to use for the first kind of beetle. 

So what can you do to protect your house from these pest? Most of the time, people have problems with beetles in their garden. The easiest way to get rid of beetles in your garden is to soak 2 cups of chopped tomato plant leaves in 3 to 5 cups of water over night. After its soaked over night then you strain the water and add 1/4tsp of dish soap and mix. After everything is mixed together pour it into a watering can and spray the foliage and soil. Most times your garden and yard are already being attacked by beetles by early fall, so the best time to treat your property would be mid- to late summer.