Finding the tell tale trail of dark rice sized poop or a messy pantry with chewed through boxes and bags may send you into cleaning overdrive, but all the scrubbing will not eliminate the rats in your home. rats enter seeking food, shelter and water and have likely built nests and started multiplying before you detected their presence. There is also very little evidence to support the effectiveness of home remedies, such as dryer sheets or essential oils, in ridding an infestation. rats are able to enter your home by squeezing in an openings as smaller than a dime. Professional Pest Control services will find the entry point and assist in closing those openings with items rats cannot chew through- like caulk or steel wool. Next, make sure to screen vents or replace the weather stripping in your home. A tried-and-true spring loaded mousetrap is the simplest solution to eliminate the rats already in your home. Other traps also exist if you prefer not to see the dead mouse, of if you want a catch and release approach. A professional exterminator will locate where they are living and building nests and determine where to lay the traps and how many you need.