Earwigs Control

Earwigs are an unsightly little critter that cause little to no destruction. However, they are more of a nuisance due to their ability to attach to body parts with their painful pinchers. Earwigs tend to thrive in dark and damp areas. Inside, they are likely found in areas such as laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Because earwigs populate in moisture rich environments, it is important to control dampness inside your home to control their existence.

Fixing areas prone to water moisture and leakage is important. Use of a dehumidifier is also a possibility regarding the elimination of dampness in a specific area of your home. Outside, earwigs tend to be found in gardens, decaying vegetation, such as a compost pile, or wood piles, therefore, it is best to plant gardens or store wood a few feet away from the home. Earwigs are nocturnal and become more active at night, therefore, the best time to locate an infestation or to find them is in the evening when it becomes dark. Earwigs like cracks, holes, and crevices, so it is best to know where these entry points are within the foundation of you home, windows, doors, and siding so that they may be filled with some type of sealant, preventing an infestation.