Fruit Flies Removal

Fruit flies are those annoying little specks resembling gnats that appear out of no where. Often found in our kitchens, fruit flies pop up around fruit that is rotting and beginning to spoil, in damp areas, such as garbage disposals, cleaning rags, and mops, and around garbage. Fruit flies lay their eggs near or on the surface of fermenting fruit or food, producing infestations. Get in touch with a pest removal service today.

While fruit flies do not bite humans, it is important to eliminate fruit flies as they are petrie dishes of bacteria, sometimes carrying pathogenic bacteria, passing the bacteria to humans, potentially causing illness. To avoid illness, some important factors to keep in mind that consumers should do include washing fruit thoroughly prior to consumption. Should a fruit fly be accidentally digested, stomach acids should eliminate illness, however, this is always a chance.

In addition, Lack of food source will cause the infestation to die out, therefore, maintaining clean surfaces, disposing garbage, and properly storing fruits and vegetables will eliminate fruit flies. If the above tactics do not remedy the problem, creating a solution of apple cider vinegar and dish soap or leaving a stale bottle of wine open around the infestation should cause fruit flies to gravitate to spoiling food in turn, drowning the flies in the solutions.