Hornet Removal

One or more hornets can pose threats to humans. The hornet will usually have its own hive. They will defend their hives with the use of their stingers. They are useful in the sense that they can eliminate inspects, bees and flies from an area. If a human provokes a hornet, they will sting and attack them. If a hornet’s nest is invading your space, it must be removed. If you are removing it yourself be sure to wear gloves and long sleeves. The hornet will be less active at dusk.

This is a good time to treat the nest. There are well-known hornet sprays that can destroy an entire nest. If you spray a nest, be sure to stand away from it and never underneath it. Once you spray the nest, wait awhile until you know they are all dead. The entire nest will need to be destroyed to prevent any other hornet invasions. Professionals can be contacted to remove any nests for a small fee too. It is important to know; hornets can be very dangerous so knocking their nest around could provoke an entire attack. The hornet is a wasp. There are several different species of them. 

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