Ladybug Treatment

We all know the nursery rhyme, “Ladybug ladybug fly away home….”, or the wivestale that the number of spots on the wings of a ladybug equals its age. But do we really know about the ladybug? Also known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles, ladybugs are usually a welcomed addition to our homes and gardens as they feast on aphids or other nuisances.

Ladybugs in some regions have however, become the nuisance themselves, infesting and overtaking our homes and gardens. Ladybugs love cedar and wood cracks and crevices. Ladybugs have pheromones or scents that are very distinct, attracting other ladybugs, In turn causing them to infest homes or gardens becoming a nuisance.

Ladybugs like a warm temperature, therefore, they tend to thrive in homes during winter months finding their optimum comfort. However, unlike in the summer months, when they remain outside, they have the ability to forage on aphids and foliage. In the winter months, when they begin to ingest a home, they could become aggressive as they forage for food and begin to bite humans. The best way to eliminate these bites are to catch and release ladybugs back outside. In the colder months, they hibernate in the cracks and crevices of mountains or rocks, reducing the amount of ladybugs. For quality ladybug treatment get in touch with the City Pest Control Pros today.