Moth Treatment

A moth infestation may seem like harmless insects, but moths can damage fabrics in your home as well as invade corn and wheat products. Common signs of infestation include holes in your clothes and webbing in cabinets and pantries. If you think you have an infestation, here are some moth treatment tips to control the insects.

Vacuum regularly to remove moth larvae hidden in the carpet, but change the bags often to ensure stays out of your home. Clean suitcases, bed linens, furniture, and rugs that got infected. 

Wash infected clothing on high heat to help destroy the eggs. For fabrics that can’t be laundered, place them in the freezer or vigorous shake them to dislodge hidden eggs, then vacuum. Moths don’t like cedar, so consider investing in cedar hangers for the closets, or spread cedar chips in infected areas. 

If you find webbing in open bags of rice or flour, throw away, since moths commonly lay eggs in them. Use hot water an soap to scrub cabinets and pantries, and do the same for unopened jars and cans. Discard expired food items in the cabinets, and buy smaller quantities of wheat and grain products. Freeze flour grain products in the freezer at degrees for several days to help destroy potential eggs.