Mouse Control

Mouse Control

A rodent infestation can become a serious problem inside the home. They can cause all sorts of damage. The first step in eliminating this problem is locating sources the mice may use to gain entry to the home. Homeowners need to check closets, attics, garages, and drawers where rodents build nests that are dark and secluded. A quality mouse exterminator will always check these areas. 

Make sure food sources including pet food is sealed tightly to slow the infestation. Keep the house as clean as possible. Remove clutter to reduce places for them to hide.

Read more about rodents and mice on this CDC page.

Treating Infestations

Setting mousetraps is a common method used by people to stop rodents. Glue traps, bait stations, and poison are other methods used to slow down the problem. They are simple methods to solve a serious situation.

This can be done by a professional exterminator for mice.

Rodents invade homes for food and shelter. This occurs most often during the winter months. Homeowners will call in a pest control service once the problem becomes overwhelming.

What Mice Control Does

A mouse exterminator service will schedule an appointment to determine points of entry the rodents used to get inside the house. They check for damage done by mice inside the home. They use sealants to block entryways. This includes areas around water and sewer lines. Wallboards in areas where rodents hide are usually damaged.

They will set traps and spray to stop the problem. Rodent infestations are a difficult problem to find a solution with one service call. Mouse exterminator will have to do other visits to make sure they solve the situation.

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