Rabbit Removal

If you live out in the country or even in a little town that is closer to the middle of no where, chances are you have encountered a rabbit or two. While yes they look all nice and cuddly, they can actually be very dangerous. They have been known to do things like tear up cotton fields, gardens, and several other plant bases that people need to make a living. Removing these little critters can prove to be a challenge as well. Rabbit removal companies are available and in business to help you today.

One of the most effective and humane ways to remove rabbits from your property is to trap and relocate them. I know what your thinking, “if I just relocate them won’t they just find they way back?” Not necessarily. Rabbits are prey animals and in the “dog eat dog” world that is your back yard, chances are if something spooks them around your property then they will not want to come back.

Another thing you can do is simply get you a few cats. Cats are more active in the line of animal control than dogs are. This is simply because while yes the dog will chase the rabbit, it will quickly lose interest and go do something else, while the cat will actually stalk and then eventually feed on the entire rabbit colony.