Raccoon Control

Raccoons are commonly found choosing damp wooded areas, farmsteads, and empty tree holes for their dens. Not limited to the burrows of brush and trees, raccoons will also squeeze into cracks and crevices of homes and bed down in an abandoned house, under porches, in chimneys, and other cozy covered areas. While nocturnal animals, raccoons tends to gallivant throughout the evening and midnight hours foraging for food. One should be confident raccoons don’t often come across a garbage can they don’t love.

Because of their desire for leftovers, it is best for home owners to keep garbage cans a few feet away from doors or entry ways of the home. Garbage cans should be covered and locked with animal proof lids. While this tactic may deter a raccoon, it may not be completely foolproof as they are determined little rascals.

In addition, another welcoming source of nutrition for prowling raccoons are bird feeders. While a decorative addition to properties, imagine a rascally raccoon hanging from a bird feeder feasting on his new found jackpot. Both omnivores and carnivores, raccoons will indulge in almost anything, therefore, It is best practice to ensure items containing these food sources are locked, kept away from the home, and cleaned up on a regular basis.