Rat Exterminator

Many people have this preconceived notion that rats are harmless, cuddly bundles of joy that deserve nothing but love and care. From digging holes resulting in the ruination of yards, to chewing on wiring, rats can be the source of a host of problems for homeowners.

Quick Fixes For Rat Control

The easiest solution for getting rid of rats is simply scaring them away. It is very unlikely that a rat can or will attempt to cause any harm to a human.
rats are often drawn to areas as a result of a semi abundant food source. Make sure that there a lids on any trashcans on the property and do not leave any other forms of food unattended while outside. Without a food source nearby, rats, just like most other animals, will not stay in the area.

More aggressive approaches

If there was ever an excuse needed to get a cat or dog, a rat infestation can provide it. Dogs and cats are often natural predators to chipmunks and can hunt and/or kill them fairly easily.
Wiremesh nets and other traps can be used to apprehend rats. These can be purchased on amazon for under $15.