How To Get Rid Of Ant Colony Outside Naturally

Wondering just how to kill any ant colony? On this page there are 3 methods to remove ant colonies. The methods are all basically using bait to get the ants to pick some up, and bring it back to their colony where they will kill the queen and workers.

So, what are the methods for killing an ant colony in house, outside, or in your yard/garden? 

Method 1: Kill Any Ant Colony Naturally

Many people like to use natural methods to remove insects from their property. So just how are we supposed to remove ants using natural remedies, so they will stop invading your space? 

Removing an ant colony naturally can be done, but it will take some creativity and some grocery shopping. Here are a few things that you can use to get rid of ant colonies naturally: 

Method 2: Kill Any Ant Colony With Borax

Will borax really get rid of ants? The answer is yes, but it depends on if you can access all of the ants. Borax is a much more effective way to kill ants than putting out bait. Plus it is faster, and easier to do and also cheaper. Plus you can use the borax for other things like laundry. 

Ok so how do you go about killing ant colony with Borax? Every spring and summer the same thing happens. The little ants start coming out and feasting on the crumbs and sticky spots on the floor. Here is a safe recipe to mix your borax solution so you can kill the ant colony: 

Mix a .5 cup of sugar with 1.5 tablespoons of borax, and mix with 1.5 cups of warm water. Then, you will take cotton balls and place them in the mixture, and then put out the cotton balls near the mess of ants. the sugar will attract the ants (hint hint, sugar ants) and they will take some back to feed everybody. They will also grab a bit of borax which will eliminate the ants and queen back in the colony. 

That’s about it, thats the whole method on how to kill any ant colony with borax. Wondering if borax for pest control is safe?

Method 3: Kill Any Ant Colony By Hiring An Exterminator

It may be common sense, but the smartest way to get rid of the ant colony on your property is to get in touch with a great local exterminator. Please pick up the phone and give our exterminators a call to schedule an appointment so that we can start solving your ant issue today. 

If you have a colony of ants on your property anywhere, it is important that you take steps to get rid of the ants. The reason is because you do not want the ants to just keep getting worse and worse. They can be effectively and efficiently removed from your property by hiring a quality pest control service. Contact us today to get in touch with a great exterminator who can help you quickly and at an affordable price. 

How Long Does It Take To Kill An Ant Colony

Once the bait gets taken into the colony, it should only be a few hours until you start seeing less ants. But sometimes it will take a few days before you find a bait that works. Try a few of the different methods on this page to kill an ant colony and report back with your success. 

If you want to hire an ant exterminator now to remove the ants for you, please pick up the phone and get in touch with our company representatives. We can schedule an appointment to solve your pest control issue today.