Why Do Gnats Swarm In One Spot?

Simply put, gnats are mating.

Gnats form swarms when they find a high concentration of other gnats. The formation is initiated by females releasing pheromones to attract males. Males go after the female, and once they are near one another, the male begins to fly in circles around the female.

These circles get smaller as copulation takes place, anywhere from several seconds up to several minutes, depending on how well it works out for them! After mating occurs, the male leaves and returns to looking for more females while the female uses her long mouthparts to cut into plant stems or leaves and suck sap. Once she has enough food stored up in her body, she lays eggs that will develop into larvae called magg

Why Are Gnats Going In My Refrigerator?

Your refrigerator’s door gaskets need tight seals so that no food or water escapes from the fridge.

Gnats will appear in a fridge if there is loose debris stuck along the door gasket, or foods inside decaying or rotting.

If you see gnats flying around your refrigerator it is because their larvae are likely in something inside of it. Also, if there is any rotten food left out in the open that could be the reason for their appearance as well. Hopefully this answers why there were gnats in my refrigerator!

How Many Gnats Do You Eat While Sleeping

Lately, there has been an influx of emails containing the question: “How many bugs do we swallow every year during sleep?” and it seems that this was triggered by a very popular article published on Yahoo! Answers: “ how many bugs do we swallow in our sleep .” It should be noted that this is not an actual Yahoo! Answer, but rather someone faking one. There is also another version circulating with the exact same text as the Yahoo! article, which was actually posted as a physics homework assignment at lrn2physics.com . The person who answered said he got it from his professor , so I’m guessing this is where the confusion came from.

Anyway, on with the real answer. There are no reliable sources I could find that actually give a number for how many bugs you swallow in your sleep. The closest thing is an article about what bugs do come into our mouths while we sleep , which states:

It turns out that most “bugs” found in the mouth of someone who was recently asleep were there all along, just waiting to be noticed or biding their time until something interesting happens .

Another source lists it as zero . Unless you had some very specific medical condition, I don’t think anyone would have had any reason to believe this even if it did happen often enough to get counted – let alone conducted research into it.

How To Keep Gnats Off Your Plants

1. Kidney bean leaves

I was not able to find much information about this tip other than it is supposed to repel flies and moths. It would make sense that the fly will be repelled by something that it finds offensive due to its strong sense of smell. This method has been purported as 100% effective if done correctly, but since I found little info on how exactly it’s suppose to be done, can’t really vouch for it.

2. Neem oil

Available in the organic section at any grocery store that has a healthy living department, neem oil is an effective pesticide for plants that only harms the insect feeding off of it without harming plant life itself. It can be used on all types of plants and will last for 30 days before needing to be reapplied if your plants are given adequate amounts of water (at least 1 inch every week). Just always make sure not to get it anywhere near your flowers if you have pollinators coming around, because it will kill them too. I’m not 100% sure about this method because I haven’t personally tried it yet, but many people swear by effectiveness so I’ve included it here. I personally have a mix of plants that attract pollinators and plants that repel insects, so I haven’t had to try implementing this method on my own yet.

3. Onion juice

This one is for more of the lazy human kind of person because it’s not going to do anything to get rid of the gnats themselves, but just cut down your chance of being bitten by them if they still manage to make their way over for a few sips or bites (depending on how large and hungry they are). All you need is an onion and some sort of juicer device (or even a fork will work in a pinch) and you can place your desired amount of chopped up onions around where your plant resides without making a bit of difference in the way your plant smells or tastes. Just make sure to replace them with fresh onions every week or so just to keep them from going bad and attracting even more gnats, but that’s about it!

4. Sugar water

This method is a little more time consuming than others but does show results for a few days before having to reapply anything. All you need is some sugar, water, and a spray bottle/jar/container with a lid. The easy part is getting the water boiling when you have everything added in except the sugar. Once hot add in your sugar and mix together until it has dissolved completely unless you don’t mind having large chunks of undissolved granules around your house. Let the water sit overnight to cool off completely once it is mixed together.