Carpenter Ants

Are Carpenter Ants Dangerous to Humans?

Carpenter ants are not poisonous to humans. You do not have to worry about carpenter ant bites being poisonous. Despite being non-toxic to humans, you might want to consider having the carpenter ants removed and entry holes sealed off.

Carpenter ants are a pest found across the U.S. that can cause structural problems to your property. When we think about ants in and around our homes, we usually worry about the bites and stings we receive from fire ants. Carpenter ants can be found in and around a home, but they do not tend to give you problems from their bites, which are mild for most people. The difference between the bites of carpenter and fire ants are large and can affect you in different ways.

Is A Carpenter Ant Sting Poisonous

Carpenter ant stings are not poisonous. There are other ants like fire ants that have a more irritating bite, but carpenter ants are not harmful.

The main concern for property owners about the prospect of carpenter ants is the dangers they pose to the structural integrity of a property. A carpenter ant infestation is attracted to the wood in your home that could include fungus and moisture. When carpenter ants attack a property, they are looking for a location to construct their home. The burrowing nature of carpenter ants means they can be difficult to spot in your home, with only a few insects visible for several days. You may see a pile of sawdust beneath the nest of carpenter ants as they burrow into your moist wood and create a colony.

The dangers of carpenter ants are few, with most people feeling a mild irritation when they are bitten by these insects. Simple first aid measures are usually enough to combat the problems caused by a carpenter ant bite, including the use of soap and water and cold compress to limit pain and swelling. Some allergic reactions are possible for humans, with medical assistance needing to be sought for prolonged pain. The main concern for humans is the damage that can be done to the structural integrity of a property when it is damaged by burrowing carpenter ants.