Are Orb Weaver Spiders Dangerous To Humans?

No, orb weaver spiders are not dangerous or poisonous to humans. Marbled orb weaver spiders are also not dangerous. They might just look a little ugly inside your home, but it is not unsafe to have them around. I personally like to let spiders live unless they are clearly reproducing or causing a problem. I do not like to harm anything and I like to give things a chance to survive, so I just give them a little time in the warm house.

These questions I am sure have gone through the minds of many people who live in areas where these common garden pests reside. The answer might surprise you. Orb Weaver Spiders are not only non-venomous, but they also pose no threat to humans whatsoever. What these spiders prefer is to go unnoticed by people at all costs which usually happens during their normal activities or when hiding. Most of the time, if an Orb Weaver Spider bites someone it has done so out of self defense. Even so, the bite often feels like a pin prick and does not even break the skin.

There are several reasons why Orb Weaver Spiders are non-venomous to humans. First of all they are so small that their venom is typically too weak to be harmful or dangerous to us. The effects are similar to a typical bee sting where it causes pain, itching and it can swell up a bit as well if bitten in a sensitive area such as around the eyes or mouth, but you are highly unlikely experience anything else from one of these bites without proper provocation from an ill tempered spider. In this case if someone was bitten by an Orb Weaver Spider there would be little evidence of it unless you were able to catch the incident