Quite a few people insist that possums come from the devil. With their beady eyes and sly, evil, tooth-riddled grins, that notion really doesn’t seem far from the truth. Still, like virtually all creatures on Earth, they’re part of the food chain.

Does that mean possums are safe for people to eat? Opinions tend to vary on that matter. If you’re wondering whether you could parlay a possum infestation on your property into a full freezer, keep reading to learn more.

Are Possums Safe for People to Eat?

In short, possums are, in fact, safe for people to eat. You can clean and cook them in many ways just as you would a cow or chicken. Having said that, it’s important to keep a few things in mind about possums before planning a meal around them.

Possums will eat almost anything, and keeping clean is the furthest thing from their minds. Chances are before a possum wandered into your yard, it feasted on the neighbor’s trash. It most likely ate rotten meat covered in hair and coffee grounds followed by rancid mayonnaise mixed with soggy paper towels. Those are some of the less disturbing things they’re known to put in their mouths.

How to Prepare a Possum for Eating

In light of all the unpleasant substances running through possums’ systems, it’s best to plan ahead before making a meal out of one. Instead of killing it, catch it in a baited trap and keep it alive for a few days. While it’s living in the cage, feed it corn and other grains.

This will help purge its system of any unsavory elements. Once you’ve spent a few days allowing the possum to clean out its system, you can kill, clean, and eat it without worry. Possum meat is rich, gamey, and fatty, and it can be seasoned with any herbs and spices you prefer.

Making Possums Part of Your Repertoire

If you’re experiencing a possum problem, feel free to reach out to your local pest control professionals at 877-336-0454. They can help get rid of those and other types of pests that are wreaking havoc on your property. Of course, if you want to keep the possums to help save money at the grocery store, they can help with that as well.