At What Temperature Do Deer Ticks Become Active

A Deer Tick also called a Blacklegged Tick is an oval-shaped arachnid known for biting people. Deer ticks are most commonly found in southeastern and northcentral United States down to Mexico. Deer ticks like to live in dark humid places and can be found inside a leaf, heavily wooded areas, and other shaded areas. Deer ticks can be dangerous because of their ability to transmit Lyme disease to humans and babesiosis which, can affect humans and animals such as your pet.

When are Deer Ticks Active

When might you see deer ticks is mostly in the spring and summer months. Deer ticks can be active at any temperature above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What to do If You Get Bitten By A Deer Tick

If you are in an area favorable to deer ticks, make sure you check yourself when you get home. Deer ticks tend to attach to the back of the head and the base of the skull so, make sure to give these areas extra attention. If you find out you have been bitten by a deer tick try to remove the tick as soon as possible using fine-tipped tweezers. Position the tweezers as close to the skin as you can and gently pull the tick without twisting or squeezing the tick. Call your doctor if you are unable to fully pull out the tick or if you are feeling any flu-like symptoms.

How to Ensure You Don’t Find Deer Ticks on Your Property

To make sure that deer ticks don’t accumulate on your property, you need to try to make your property as uninhabitable for deer ticks as possible. Make sure your grass is always cut short, remove leaf litter so that ticks don’t have a place to hide, and keep a three feet barrier between lawns and wooded areas so that ticks don’t migrate.

Deer tick bites are usually painless with minor symptoms. As long as you take the correct steps to keep your property and yourself safe, these pests should not be much of a problem.