Can stink bugs lay eggs in your hair?

Are you a person who likes insects of all kinds? Female insect bugs like any other female living thing have to give birth in places that are natural. Have you ever head of a stink bug and what it does? If not, let us do a little research on the stink bug and discover some of the capabilities it has. The stink bug is described to be an insect from many countries. China, Japan, and Taiwan are some just to name a few. When did the bug get to the United States? Well, in 1988 in the state of Pennsylvania, this is when the bug supposedly made its debut. The family the stink bug belongs to is called the Pentatomidae which is called the shield bugs.

Also, similar to a skunk, if this bug feels threatened in any type of way, there is a spray is discharged from its body. The smell is like outside, woody or oily smell. Female and male stink bugs have a dark line that is across their backs. These lines distinctively have spots on them. The male’s spots are bumpy and the female’s spots are smooth.

Can stink bugs lay eggs in your hair?

Stink bugs cannot lay eggs in your hair. They lay eggs in dirt in gardens and yards, and will not have time to get into your hair. They are not very small, like nits or fleas. When the male and female stink bug mate, that is done in the spring. The female lays 20 to 30 eggs on the back of leaves the outside area. Stink bugs do not lay eggs on the inside of homes but they certainly attack the outside. Laying eggs in hair is not an option for the stink bug!

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Stinkbugs laying eggs in your hair is not fun to think about! Stink bugs normally eat leaves and flowers or fruit and beans. They can also eat other pests, so you do not want stinkbugs in your hair, as they are very dirty and might leave you with some unsanitary issues going on. Where stinkbugs live is generally in gardens and yards, so if you are finding them you can be certain that you are seeing them somewhere outside as well. Keeping stinkbugs from laying eggs in your hair is something you definitely want to do.