Can You Leave A Tick On A Dog?

This is a tough question to answer. Ticks are notoriously hardy parasites that can survive months without blood. Even saltwater isn’t effective at killing ticks. Lyme disease is the main concern for those who are found with ticks clinging on, but other tick-borne illnesses are also a concern (e.g., anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever). If you have a tick on your pet, can you just leave it on?

Know the Signs

There are 10 states that require veterinarians to report every case of Lyme disease, therefore worried pet parents should always keep their veterinarian informed. Any signs of lethargy, lameness, a change in eating habits, or an unusual rash needs to be reported as soon as possible. There is a good chance that these symptoms are unrelated to the tick bite but medical attention should be sought immediately. If your dog has Lyme disease, you should take an extra step and treat your pet as early as possible.

Pet tights, which are made from organic cotton, are a great alternative to the popular chemical-based tick repellents that veterinarians often recommend. The tick will feel like it is on a strange and foreign surface; essentially creating the illusion that it cannot absorb any blood from your pet, which should allow it to fall off easily if that is what you desire.

Bottom Line on Tick Removal for Dogs

It is often easier to remove the tick yourself than have a professional do so. Tick removal kits are available from your vet and an online source. If your dog has already been diagnosed with Lyme disease, it would be best to contact your veterinarian beforehand and let them decide whether or not they want the tick removed. Otherwise, consider removing the tick yourself. Your dog’s health is in your hands.

Where are ticks most common?

Ticks are found all over the globe and they thrive in humid environments. They can be found in grassy areas, forests, shrublands, and even on beaches. Insect repellents are effective at preventing tick bites but it is always best to check your pet for ticks once you return from a walk (or a hike). Ticks hide in tall grasses and can be difficult to find. They also tend to grab a hold tightly onto the host, making it hard to detach them manually.