Do House Centipedes Jump?

After extensive research, we concluded that yes house centipedes do jump.

Centipedes can run fast or move slowly. They can be found in many places all over the world, including basements and bathrooms at home.¬†House centipedes can jump if they are startled , just like a grasshopper can jump . House centipedes can’t fly or climb smooth surfaces, but can use their legs to climb rough surfaces, such as brick walls and stucco. House centipedes also cannot survive outside for very long because they can dehydrate easily and need to stay moist.

Did you know that house centipedes only have 15 pairs of legs? This is because one pair of their legs has been modified into antennae-like organs called “cercopedia.” These cercopedia help them feel vibrations in the air, which can help them find prey.

House centipedes are no more than 1-1/2 inches long. They can’t use their legs to grab onto prey because they can’t bend very far. They can only catch small insects that are not moving or that can’t move quickly. Their legs are more useful for this purpose then their fangs are, because they can hold smaller prey items with them until they eat them later. These creatures don’t have lungs; instead, they breathe through tiny holes all over their bodies called “trachea.” House centipedes also lack eyes and can only see light and dark.