This is a very interesting question that we’ve done some research on. After extensive research, we’ve come to the conclusion that yes, rollie pollies do survive off of water. But do they drink it? No. If you put out a bowl of water for a rollie pollie, it might drown in it. they cannot control themselves enough to drink from a water bowl.

Well, in this article we will take a closer look at Rollie Pollies and try to answer this question by looking at two aspects of its life: The anatomy of a Rollie Pollie and their position in the food chain.

When you think about it, do Rollie pollies drink water? Do they eat anything? Do they even have any special features that allow them to be able to swim or not float away by accident? Do Rollie Pollles have something that makes them stand out from other insects? Let’s find out.

In order to start thinking about whether Rollie pollies drink water or not, we first need to know a little bit about their anatomy. A Rollie Pollie has three main parts: the head, thorax and abdomen. All are made up of lots of water. Rollie pollies get most of their water from air that is humid or from the food they eat. So, in conclusion yes rollie pollies need water, but they do not drink it in a sense of like out of a water bowl.