Mice in yard

You have worked hard and taken time to nourish your yard into a beautiful landscape, but there’s only one problem waiting to happen-field mice or voles. Field mice can cause significant damage to your plants, consequently contaminating the food too or even dig up holes in your lawn, ruining your blooming green garden. So, how do you keep the mice out of your garden? Are their natural ways to do so? Read on to learn more.

1. Keep the Grass Short

Keeping the grass and vegetation on your lawn short is a great way to make your lawn look great while keeping field mice away. We recommend you always ensure to trim your grass routinely. Rodents such as field mice don’t prefer being open as it leaves them susceptible to attacks. Therefore, letting your grass grow tall will accommodate and keep the field mice secure and safe on your turf.

2. Always Ensure You Clean and Clear Away Debris

Prevalence of debris such as leaves, soil clumps, snack packaging after a lawn party presents a warm and hidden habitat for field mice. Trees especially can create debris when they shed leaves or peel off their barks. To prevent the field mice from being comfortable in your lawn, always clean and collect the dirt for disposal.

3. Clear Near Sources of Food

Remember, rodents are opportunistic animals and will scavenge on anything you and your loved ones trash off. Letting food into your lawn during parties or for a picnic can contribute to the presence of field mice on the property. Always clean up after the meals and close off any disposal or trash cans in the lawn vicinity.

4. Fence on Younger Trees

Field mice enjoy eating or burrowing on tree barks, and more so on young growing trees. So, if you plant trees or plants with root bulbs, build a fence or guard mesh around them. We recommend digging the mesh at least a foot deep and a quarter inch from the tree.

5. Set Mouse Traps

Mousetraps are a classic technique to eliminate and prevent mice from invading your territory. It is best that you journal areas with frequent mice destructions or appearances. However, as mentioned earlier, field mice avoid open areas, therefore, place the traps in hidden strategic areas. Have numerous traps and space them out at intervals of about six feet.

Mouse traps are one of the most effective yet cheapest methods of trapping mice. The type of bait you choose is also key to catching the field mice. Some good bait choices include peanut butter, fresh fruits, or chocolates.