Spiders jump onto their targeted prey before releasing venom. These species can jump as high as 5 inches. Jumping spiders have large eyes that are of different colors. Their sizes also range from tiny to small and medium.

Of course, no one would feel comfortable leaving with crawling creatures. Luckily, some chemicals and controllers can help keep spiders away from your home. Natural prevention measures tend to be cheaper and safer than the use of chemicals. For example, using natural spider prevention measures will create a safe environment for your family and clear the spider infestation. Getting rid of spiders in work premises or home shouldn’t trouble you. However, someone with arachnophobia can find it challenging to get rid of jumping spiders in their homes or offices using natural ways. Here are proven ways to get rid of jumping spiders in a home or office.

1. Pick up the Spider

One effective way to get rid of jumping spiders in a home is picking them up using bare hands and throwing them outside. However, be sure to use a tissue or wear a pair of gloves for skin and hand protection. While jumping spiders’ bites are rarely harmful, this species is considered poisonous. A bite by a jumping spider causes the affected area to swell and become red.

2. Destroy all Spider Webs

Another way to keep jumping spiders at bay is by destroying all spider webs within your premises. Vacuum or sweep all the eggs and cobwebs inside your house. By getting rid of eggs and spider cobwebs in your house, spiders won’t find your garden or house habitable. As for the outside of a house, spray egg sacs and cobwebs using a hosepipe.

3. Declutter Your Home

To keep jumping spiders away from your home, always maintain a clutter-free and clean garden and house. Keep potential crawling areas clean and clear. Get rid of any woodpiles and bushes around your home.

4. Seal Your Home

Another reliable way to keep jumping spiders away from your home is by sealing any cracks and holes that may allow spiders to enter your house. Also, ensure all your doors, ventilation, and windows are properly closed.