How to get an armadillo out of its hole

How To Stop An Armadillo From Burrowing In Yard

Armadillos are a common rodent and can cause great damage to your home. Armadillos dig holes along houses, lawns, and gardens. They also use these holes as toilets or dens for their young. If you find an armadillo on your property, there is still hope! Follow these tips to get that pesky armadillo out of its hole!

1. Fill their home with water

Find and fill all of the animal’s burrows with water so it can not return. Fill a bucket with water and pour it into the armadillo’s hole. The animal will think that someone is trying to drown it, and it will run out of its burrows in fear.

2. Spray ammonia

Spray ammonia around the area where they live. The smell of ammonia will make the armadillo leave its burrow, and you can catch it with a trap.

3. Place fruit near the entrance

Armadillos are known for their fondness for sweets. You can lure them out of their hole by placing fruit near the entrance to the burrow, and they will come out to snack! The armadillo will investigate the fruit, walking right into a trap.

4. Use predator urine

Armadillos have an excellent sense of smell. They are wary of anything that looks different. Use armadillos’ own fear against them by applying predator urine near their home to scare them away. Use predator urine like coyote pee to scare them out of their holes. Armadillos are afraid of coyotes and will run away from the smell.

Armadillos are not as cute and cuddly as their appearance suggests. They can do a lot of damage to your home or property. Therefore, you should know how to get them out of their holes so they do not stay there! If you do not have the time or resources to take care of this problem yourself, call City Pest Control Pros at 877-336-0454 or visit our website.