How Much Is Black Widow Venom Worth? Can you make money selling black widow venom? Our research indicates that black widow venom is worth money. But in real world scenarios, there really is no way to make money from it. However, it is important to know if this poison has a high demand on the market and what its effects are on people’s health.

The spider known as black widow is believed to have been originated in North America. This means that they generally live in cold climates because of their sensitivity to heat which eventually led them to evolve into an animal with amazing abilities such as creating silk threads as strong as steel. Black widows are actually able to coat their eggs inside those silk threads for protection from external factors such as rain or sun exposure that may cause them harm. They trap insects inside their webs by injecting venom into their prey before eating them alive and also use their bite against humans when they feel threatened.

The color of the black widow spider ranges from dark brown to black and red hourglass-shaped marking on their abdomens serve as their identifying signature. This type of spider is capable of spinning very strong silk threads that help them trap prey such as flies or mosquitoes or even small birds. Even if their venom is not deadly, it contains chemicals that work very well in numbing the area around the bite making it easier for them to eat their prey without getting hurt themselves which can be fatal for humans because we cannot chew our food properly while under its effects.

Can you make money selling black widow venom? The answer seems to be a big YES! However, this does not mean that there is a high demand for black widows’ venom. As mentioned above, their venom is not deadly but it can be very painful to some people causing them to feel dizzy and nauseated. Can you make money selling black widow venom? Our research indicates that there are various uses for this type of spider’s venom, among which includes medical purposes. According to reports from the United States National Library of Medicine ( published on October 2014, black widow venom has been used in order to treat pain associated with terminal cancer patients as studies have shown that its proteins help relieve pain more effectively than morphine itself thus providing relief to those who suffer from chronic pain caused by cancer without worrying about getting addicted. The venom of this type of spider has also been used to develop drugs such as norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter known to increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

Can you make money selling black widow venom? We think so but it will be important for us to do research on the topic given that it is an illegal activity in most countries including those originating from Europe. Even if the demand is high and buyers are willing to pay good money for your product, we would advise anyone who feels tempted by this idea to think twice because there might be legal consequences involved which can be very serious.