The magic secret, simply put, is to use the wasp killer dust. There are a few options, one is called Delta Dust. Another is made by Bayer and called Tempo Dust.

So, to get rid of yellow jacket wasps under vinyl siding you want to make sure this is in every crack and crevice in your house’s exterior wall. The more cracks you can find, the better. Fill in any gaps with the dust, which you can buy online from Amazon with no professional credentials.. That will seal off the entrances in a way that prevents the wasps from coming in. The dust repels the wasps and they cannot survive if the dust gets on their feed and on their exoskeleton.

DO NOT use spray foam to seal any cracks. Wasps can dig right through the spray foam and you will ruin whatever surfaces you are spraying on.

One thing to keep in mind though: I said before that wasp killers are also cockroach killers… which means they’re bad for pets like dogs, cats and birds if eaten or somehow ingested by them. But I only mention that now because it’s something to keep in mind, not because you have to worry about it.

If you have pets just make sure they’re out of the house or behind closed doors while you do your wasp killing duties. Once everything is sealed up and no more little black specks are crawling around on your siding, take down any unnecessary rodent traps so as not plastic drums filled with poison aren’t accessible by anything other than the intended target. And once all this has been taken care of, go ahead and relax and enjoy a nice day outside knowing that yellowjacket wasps under vinyl siding will be no more!

There may still be some stragglers but there won’t be enough of them to really give you any trouble. Now that you’ve gotten rid of your yellow jacket wasps under vinyl siding, you can go outside with out having to worry about any stingers!

Best of luck and enjoy the great outdoors without fear of deadly stings in your future!