Stop bees nest

How to Prevent Bees From Building a Nest In Your House

Remove the current bees or wasps nest is necessary before you start doing any bees nest prevention. If there is already a nest, many of your efforts will go to waste. Bees can chew through things like foam sealant, so sealing the entryway is not going to solve the issue.

As it gets warmer, honeybees will start swarming. You may start noticing that the bees are collecting more pollen for the winter. In the coming months, you’ll see bees searching for a place to swarm.

As the owner of a home, you may start worrying if these bees choose to build their hives in your home. Even though you can’t decide where bees will build hives, you can take steps to stop them from nesting in or around the structure of your house.

Below you’ll find some of these tips.

  • Sealing Openings or Holes

You should walk around your house and look for any small openings. You should pay special attention to holes measuring a quarter-inch or bigger. Seal these holes with caulk, metal screens, or mesh.

You should also check the eaves attached to your roof. If there are any cracks there, bees may use it as an opportunity to get in. Again, sealing all potential entryways will help to keep bees out.

  • Removing Old Honeycombs

Ensure that you check all old honeycombs if you had hives before. These old honeycombs contain a hormone called pheromones which can attract new bees. Therefore, you should remove these hives and repair any structural damage that occurs while removing them.

  • Removing Clutter in Your Yard

If your yard has many dead trees, old vehicles, or appliances, this can be an excellent place for swarming. Therefore, it would be best if you considered removing these objects and dead limbs from your property.

If you have old items stacking against your garage, shed, or home, you should get rid of them. Doing this will make your home less of a target for bees.

While it’s a beautiful sight to see bees in the warm months, it’s not something you want to see in the eaves or anywhere else in your house.

  • Sprinkle Tempo wasp dust if you have wasps. 

Tempo wasp dust effectively stops wasps from coming back to the nest.

These are the tried and true methods of preventing a bees or wasps nest in your home. Contact the professionals at City Pest Control Pros if you want to get connected to a quality exterminator who can help you with your nest prevention question today.