To make your home a healthy and happy place, you need to make sure that there is no structural damage. If you detect structural damage, you need to call a professional restoration service to help you restore your home to good health. This checklist will help you detect damage easily and quickly. 

Water Damage

Water damage may be caused by frozen pipes, sink or toilet overflow, leaking roofs, ice and snow damage during winter, foundation leakage and failure of the sprinkler system.

Mold Damage

Mold damage is caused when water remains in areas of the home and does not dry up. This is caused by pipe leaks, floods, roof leaks and, poor ventilation. 

Fire Damage

If a fire has damaged the house, smoke and soot will remain. The smoke and soot will not only cover the structure of the house but all the belongings inside the house. The smoke will maneuver and reach all spaces with air-flow and soot will cling to all surfaces. The smell of smoke will remain even if the fire affected one part of the house and was put out. 

Once your damage checklist is in place, you can call professional restoration services to reverse the damage and make your home healthy again. If you are looking for pest control Caldwell ID, give us a call today.

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