Galesburg IL is where the past meets the present. This unique city is a perfect mix of adventure and education for any family looking to make a unique trip, including a tour of the Galesburg Railroad Museum for those who love research to trains. This particular train set isn’t very child-friendly and seems to mostly be for those who love research and architectural history of the railways with no-touch and no photo policies.

For the true artists, you can also visit the Creation Glass Museum. If you have a little spare time you can visit the shop or take a class and learn a new hobby and the history of glass creation at the same time.

The Discovery Deport is perfect for children of all ages in this historical children’s museum where kids can take part in past time activities by roleplaying, interacting with a giant lit-bright and a one-of-a-kind air maze.

Catch an old theatre-style show as the Orpheum Theatre which plays all of your favorite historical and new site movies in a renaissance style theatre that captures the essence of Shakespeare. There’s always something family-friendly playing in this classic theatre that dates back to 1961.If you are looking for pest control Galesburg IL, give us a call today.

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