Hinesville, Georgia is a city full of southern charm and military pride. This city is home to Fort Stewart, an Army base that houses the Third Infantry Division. The base is home to the Third Infantry Division Museum. This museum is over 14,000 feet and features one of a kind exhibits dedicated to the history of the storied military division. 

The Old Liberty County Jail is another interesting and free site in the city of Hinesville. Some visitors speculate that ghosts haunt the old cells. Jail construction finished in 1892 and it served the community until 1970. Today visitors can visit the jail and get a glimpse of life behind bars from the past. The building is a grand example of architecture from the time. 

A final great place to visit in Hinesville is Bryant Commons Park. The park complex is 150 beautiful acres in the heart of downtown Hinesville. Bryant Commons Park is home to the ITPA National Telephone Museum dedicated to the interesting history of the telephone. It also contains an amphitheater, Cisco Dog Park, and a great playground area. A final stop to make before leaving Bryant Commons Park is the Veterans’ Memorial Walk.If you are looking for pest control Hinesville GA, give us a call today.

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