Wheat Ridge, CO is a suburban area which is near Denver. Wheat Ridge is home to the James H. Baugh house, a historic building which is on the National Register of Historic Places. This is the earliest building from the 1859 settlement of Clear Creek Valley. I

Aside from the James H. Baugh home, there is an antique mall for those shopping for unique finds. If you are interested in outdoor activities, Anderson Park is a park and facility with rehabbed structures and great amenities with space for free concerts and an outdoor pool.

Wheat Ridge is also home to plenty of outdoor activities. Clear Creek is a site for outdoor water recreation. Crown Hill Park was opened up as a recreation area, and is located between Wheat Ridge and Lakewood. It is a convenient location for biking and horseback riding and features incredible scenery. Visitors can experience over 9.5 miles of trail and are able to use picnic shelters. This was historically a site where small groups of settlers en route to California as a result of the California gold rush established farms.If you are looking for pest control Wheat Ridge CO, give us a call today.

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