Keep out chipmunks from garden

How To Stop Chipmunks From Digging In Potted Plants

Out of all the pests that can infiltrate a garden, chipmunks are ones you wouldn’t expect to see. Although chipmunks appear cute, the damage they can cause to your flower pots is not. To prevent a botanical catastrophe from occurring, you’ll need to take the right preventative measures.

Here are ways you can keep chipmunks out of your flower pots.

Block Them Out

The most obvious way of keeping chipmunks away is to simply keep them out. You can opt to place barriers around your potted plants, like a footer. Another way includes simply moving your plants into a location where these pests can’t burrow their way into such as a greenhouse. Traps can also work wonders with proper placement.

Use Scents They Don’t Like

Thanks to their keen sense of smell, chipmunks are vulnerable to repellents. But we’re not talking about sprays that are loaded with chemicals that can potentially kill your plants. There are natural repellents that are safe to use and incredibly efficient. Chipmunks despise the scent of peppermint, chili peppers and anything citrus. They also don’t like garlic and eucalyptus.

Here’s an example of how you can make this repellent: fill up a measuring cup of hot, soapy water. Measure it out to be one cup. Then, take some garlic, chili peppers or any of the above, turn it into puree and mix it with the soapy water. Let it sit a little while, so it can ferment and then place around your flower pots.

If the above methods aren’t working, we’re here to help. City Pest Control Pros specializes in getting rid of unwanted pests. From insects to rodents, we’ll take care of whatever has infiltrated your home. Give us a call and we’ll send one of our professionals out today.