What you are likely looking at is an earwig that has its wings extended. There is not many other types of bugs besides an earwig that looks like an earwig. The earwig is a type of insect that looks like it has pincers. What earwigs do not actually have pincers, but instead their name comes from the ear-like shape at the bottom of its body.

Earwigs can range in size from small to large (the largest known species is the Saint Helena earwig). Some earwigs are brightly colored while others camouflage themselves depending on where they live and what they eat. One main characteristic that remains true for earwigs is that many species will play dead when threatened or forced into an uncomfortable situation. Earwigs mostly feed on dying plant life and foods such as fruit and vegetables. They also can be found scavenging food scraps scattered around homes and gardens.

Earwigs are usually nocturnal creatures, but earwigs can be seen out and about during the day as well. One major earwig defense mechanism is its ability to produce earwig oil, which gives earwigs an unpleasant taste. The earwig’s wings are used for flight or just balancing on leaves and twigs. Earwings come in various colors including white, red, yellow, orange and brown.

This earwig is probably content. If it was moving around you would know that something had disturbed it enough to cause it to move away from where it was laying/sitting/standing before you came along to take the picture!