What do centipedes eat?

The centipede is an interesting creature. Though, contrary to the name, it doesn’t have one hundred legs, it does have quite a few. Depending on the size of the fully grown creature, it can have over 100 pairs of legs!

You may be wondering: what do these creepy crawlies snack on? Are they attracted to certain foods in your home? This is a common concern, since most people harbor some fear towards the centipede. This fear can be well warranted since a sting from one of these guys can pack a pretty powerful punch. If you’re allergic to their venom, a sting can turn serious fast.

If you’re wondering what centipedes consume on a daily basis and if there’s anything in your home they’re attracted to, read on as we go over commonly asked questions about centipede eating habits.

Do Centipedes Eat Roaches?

Centipedes are known for eating some of the least desirable household pests, and cockroaches are no exception. The cockroach is one of the most delectable treats to a centipede. They’re known for grabbing them with two small, venom-holding legs near their head in a sort of lasso motion. In this manner, they can quite quickly eradicate a population of roaches.

Do Centipedes Eat Scorpions?

A typical American centipede probably wouldn’t have scorpion in their diet. There is a larger species, called the Amazonian Giant Centipede, that grows up to a foot in length that is a great match for scorpions.

Do Centipedes Eat Mosquitos?

Centipedes don’t typically eat mosquitoes since they hunt animals that live on land, not in the air.

What Else Does the Centipedes Diet Consist of?

Centipedes aren’t known to be picky. They will hunt and kill any insect that lives on land including ants, earwigs, and spiders. Larger varieties have even been known to eat things like rats.

As you can see, the centipede has quite a varied diet. Though they’re great at killing off harmful household pests, it’s not a great idea to invite them into your home. Aside from their painful sting, it’s best to call for pest control services rather than fight fire with fire.