Group of skunks

What Is A Group Of Skunks Called?

Upon our research, the name for a group of skunks is a surfeit, and those who see a surfeit around their house need to do something about it. The longer they have skunks around, the more likely it will be for some problems to occur. Skunks can be a menace if they feel threatened. Otherwise, they are of no harm.

These nocturnal animals can be a bother for several reasons, including the strong smell that they send out. If someone has a dog or any kind of outdoor animal, then they will want to be especially cautious if skunks come around. They don’t want their animal to get sprayed or it will take a lot of work to get him or her cleaned up. They also don’t want to be startled by the skunks when they get home at night and get sprayed themselves. It is best to get the skunks out of there as soon as they notice them around.

What Are Baby Skunks Called?

Baby skunks are called kits. Blind when born, kits have sealed eyes until they are a few (3) weeks old.

Female skunks have birth every year. They can have up to 10 babies at one time. The least amount of babies they might have is two. They are weaned at 2 months then they are able to leave at 10 months old to start mating soon after.

Skunks like to go under the porch, and some even find ways to sneak into the house. Skunks also become a bother when they start digging holes in the yard. The skunks do that to search for food, but it makes the yard a mess. Anyone dealing with a surfeit needs to use good pest control to take care of it. We can be reached anytime. And we will take the skunks away right away. We also have a website. Anyone curious about our services can check it out. If anyone is dealing with skunks in or around their house, then they can ask for our services and trust that we will get rid of the pests quickly.