Flowtron Electronic 40D Insect Killer Review

Flowtron Insect KIller

Flowtron Electronic 40D Insect Killer Overview

Bugs are fascinated to light, whether it’s outdoor lights on your house or the attractive light of an insect killer. Flying insects are disturbing little creatures, get rid of those today with the help of flowtron Electronic 40D insect killer. To see if flowtron Electronic 40D insect killer could tackle a mob of bugs, we tested this product for hours outside near a fairly wooded area.

If you fear insects and want to be free to enjoy our yard, find out if this insect killer is worth your investment. It gets the flies down without harming the living environment using the UV light and electric grid to attract the flying insects and eliminates them. Flowtron Electronic insect killer not only killes the insects also it is a beautiful decorative peice to your outdoors looks, plus it enhances the security fector with double lightening you just need to use some extra octenal attractant to double the effect of the insect killer.

Are Bug Zappers Effective?

The way bug zappers work is by using UV light to attract the bugs. Bugs fly into the center of the device where they are electrocuted. Two metal grids cause this electrocution. What attracts the bugs is the light, they fly towards the light. Bug zappers work very well for killing bugs.

In summer, you can place a few bug zappers around the area that you want to hang out and you will notice a difference in how many bugs are bothering everybody. Bug zappers have seen much innovation in recent years and they have come a long way since the past times. You can be sure that bug zappers are going to get the job done in removing bugs from around your property.

Are Bug Zappers Expensive To Run?

Bug zappers do cost money to run. It is a nominal fee to improve the experience that you are having outside on your property. You can expect to pay about 5-10 cents in electricity costs if you run a bug zapper all night, even overnight. Its not very much money for the improved experience that you will have with less bugs.

Flowtron Electronic 40D Insect Killer Overview

  • Patented, high efficiency, non-clogging killing grid.
  • Killing grid powered by high voltage transformer.
  • One 15 watt high intensity ultraviolet, black light bulb BF-35.
  • A proven mosquito lure – free 30 day cartridge, USDA tested Octenol attractant.
  • Strong, will not rust, weatherproof polycarbonate construction, will not crack or fade.
  • Simple bulb replacement – no tools necessary.
  • Avoids the ongoing expense and difficulty of chemical insecticides.
  • Operates for pennies a day.
  • Two-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Flowtron Electronic 40 D Insect killer


  • Effective: kills the thousands of insects and give you an insect free living environment
  • Nature Friendly: does not kill the mood of the house, not noisy. Calmy does the work mostly.
  • Maintenance Free: very little maintenance requires
  • Energy Saving: it is light on energy, takes the normal voltage and just takes the voltage of an electric bulb


  • It may not be effective during the day as it is during the night. Work on its full capacity at night but during the day you can use extra mosquito attractant to attract more insects and kill them.
  • Internal wiring sometime goes bad; you can contact the company and claim the warranty in case it does not works fine for you.


Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer is costly, but worth it for large coverage. If you’ve got a big area to cover, this bug zapper is a commendable investment. 


Be successful the bug battle with Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer zapper. This zapper is big and powerful, it means you’ll beat all the insects in your yard. It’ll be the last bug zapper you buy because it does an exceptional job zapping anything that dares to fly near it. If you hate bugs and insects then I extremely recommend Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer.