What needs to be removed when tenting for termites?

A number of things need to be removed from your home when tenting for termites. Animals, perishables, clothing, electrical appliances, and other things all need to be removed when tenting for termites.

Termite tenting is a very effective treatment when dealing with termites. There are a few things you need to be removed when tenting for termites. Your duty is to get your home all set for fumigation.

It is essential to understand what needs to be removed when tenting the termites and why it is considered the most effective treatment option for dealing with a termite infestation.

Make Accommodation Plans for the Family:
Because your house will be under a tent and quarantined for up to 48hours for the chemicals used to work, you will have Plan to be away from your home for a minimum of three days.

Seal and Toss Away Consumables:
Take away all perishables from your home. However, the finest option is to move them to storage outside your home. The sealing and relocation also applies to pet foods and all hygiene and medical products.

Pack and Store Clothes:
Pack away and store all your curtains, clothing and beddings. Place them in suitable bags and consider double-packing to make this easier and offer more effective protection. For a complete guide on clothes during termites look here. 

Unplug All Electrical Appliances:
Turn off and unplug your ovens, washer’s machines, television, refrigerators and heaters.

Take out All Plants:
Remove all indoor plants as well as those on the patios and place outside your home.

Uncover the Furniture and Upholstery:
Unwrap all plastic-covered seats, mattresses and cushions because the covers inhibit the effectiveness of the chemicals used to free the home of termites. It is a defensive measure that makes sure the termites have no place to hide.

Open All Doors Between Rooms:
open all the doors between rooms to the chemical to spread through the house. You should also leave the closets, drawers, and cabinets. Leave all shutters and drapes open to make it simpler for the fumigator to spray the whole house.

Prep The Exterior of the Home the Tent:
It will include removing the aerials, trimming any shrubs and tree branches, cutting back the mulch or gravel at least a foot from your foundation. You can also make sure all the vegetation along the foundation are well watered to help them withstand the chemicals during the fumigation.

Leave Your Keys:
The termite treatment experts will need keys of your home and will be devoted to lock up the place when finished.

Air Your Home:
The termite treatment experts will get rid of the tent as planned on the determined day. Professionals will test out the quality of air using special equipment before you are allowed to enter your home. Keep in mind to open all the door and windows to air the rooms to let the chemicals to dissipate.

Clean Utensils, Furniture, and All Surfaces:
It is significant to wash all the clothes and utensils to free them of the fumigation chemicals even those sealed away. Also, keep in mind to wipe the floors, doors, shelves, windows, countertops to clear the surfaces of any chemical residue.